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Local Events

International Fair - Plovdiv

International Fair - Plovdiv

from Thursday, January 19, 2012 2:08 PM
to Friday, September 14, 2012 2:08 PM

Plovdiv is the second largest city of Bulgaria, a transportation hub, a junction on the Belgrade-Sofia-Istanbul rail line, and the chief agricultural market. Plovdiv is also an industrial and commercial centre with over 50 enterprises ranking of national importance.

A key characteristic feature of the city's industry is its diversity. Plovdiv’s major industries include the manufacture of textiles and carpets, non-ferrous metal products, machinery parts and fertilizers. Plovdiv has a long tradition in the breweries, the vegetable-and-fruit canning industry as well as in the chocolate industry.

The beginning of the exhibition industry in the modern Bulgarian history was laid in 1892 when Plovdiv hosted the First Bulgarian Agricultural and Industrial Exposition. The international Plovdiv Fair is the successor of the First Exposition and its mission -- to contribute to the prosperity of the Bulgarian people by encouraging the development of the national industry.
Plovdiv's fair grounds are situated on the tree-lined northern banks of Maritsa River, a 10-minute walk from the centre of Plovdiv. The fair grounds, in a park-like setting, cover 360,000 sq.m. with an overall exhibition area of 95,000 sq.m., two-thirds of which is indoors. The pavilions are equipped with lifts and escalators, heating and air conditioning, audio and video systems, electricity, water, telephone, telex and fax communications. There is a walking street connecting the fairground with the downtown area and includes a wide pedestrian bridge across the Maritsa River (lined with vendor stalls selling all sorts of things including food, flowers, clothing and crafts).

Numerous shows and exhibitions are presented here throughout the entire year, from the Christmas Bazaar which spans the holidays season from the end of each year to the beginning of the next, two huge International fairs (a spring one and an autumn one), wine-production and agricultural fairs as well as many other exhibitions.

As Bulgaria's second largest city, Plovdiv is first in Bulgaria for world-class fairs and exhibitions. No matter what time of year it may be, there is always an activity here attracting the interests of international experts.

AVisitors from all across Europe have marked these Plovdiv exhibitions as an important place to not only meet their clients but also to expand their commercial contacts with foreign companies. Some of the city's largest hotels, casinos and restaurants are located in the immediate area of the Fair grounds. The area is easily accessible on foot, by taxi or by public transportation. Some businesses located inside the Fair Pavilions are open all throughout the year.

Fair Events

Vinaria (for a week in the first ten days of February)
International Exhibition of Vine-Growing and Wine-Producing

Agra (for a week in the first ten days of March)
International Agricultural Exhibition

Spring Contracting (for a week in mid March)
Spring Trade Show

Nature, Hunting, Fishing, Tourism - Sport (for five days in the end of March)
International Exhibition

Flower Spring(for five days in the end of March)
Specialized Exhibition of Flowers, Ornamental Plants, Garden Equipment and Supplies

C.A.C (one-day show, in the end of March)
National Dog Show

International Consumer Goods And Technologies Fair (for a week in the beginning of May) The Spring Fair
Pivo, Gastro, Bakery (for a week in May)
International Food and Beverages Exhibition
Hemus (for four days in the end of May)
International Defence Equipment Exhibition
Printcom (for five days in the first half of June)
All About Printing Communications
Impressia (for a week in mid June)
Art Fair
Salon International Exhibition
Specialized Exhibition of products, accessories and equipment for hairdresser’s and beauty salons
International Technical Fair (for a week, starting from the last Monday of September)
The Autumn Technical Fair

Planet Safety 21 Century (for a week, at the end of September – usually parallel to the Autumn Fair)
International Exhibition of Fire and Emergency Safety
Flower Autumn (for five days in mid October)
Specialized Exhibition of Flowers, Ornamental Plants, Garden Equipment and Supplies

Zoo Review (for three days in mid October)
Pets Fair
C.A.C.I.B (for two days in the second half of October)
International Dog Show

Medicus, Dento, Galenia (for four days in the second half of October)
International Medical, Dental and Pharmacological Exhibition

RE USE (for a week in end of October/ beginning of November)
Exhibition-Bazaar for Used Machinery and Equipment
Autumn Contracting (for a week in the end of October/ beginning of November)
Autumn Trade Show
Christmas Bazaar (From the first day of December – until the end of the first week of January)

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