About us

Plovdiv Guide is an information and promotional service of ConsultCommerce presented to the Plovdiv community with the idea to cover a solid lack of global presentation and popularization of one of the most beautiful and ancient towns all over the world - the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Plovdiv Guide is maintained by highly motivated and enthusiastic team of experienced and educated Plovdiv-born folks. Plovdiv Guide site presents unique information and pictorial details as well as useful information for the Plovdiv town itself, Plovdiv region, Bulgaria and the Bulgarians. Bulgarian history and traditions are essential part of this site and some of the information available on this site can not be found anywhere else. The site presents the information in English because very essential and important part of its target audience are the hundreds of thousands of tourists that come to Plovdiv and share their ideas and thoughts for this little piece of paradise. We do take into consideration and create our content based on what you guys, the tourists in Plovdiv, require, like, dislike and love.

A talented team of photographers has presented over 3000 unique pictures of this marvelous man-made and natural beaty called Plovdiv and the Plovdiv region. You can find useful information in our business directories.