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The popular actress Maria Statoulova turns 50

(The information is based on an article in the Maritsa Newspaper)

Yesterday in Plovdiv, in the Paris Hall of the Novotel Hotel, numerous guests and fans greeted Maria Statoulova on the occasion of her 50th anniversary. The actress admitted being the happiest woman in the whole world, with all those friends around. Later, all gathered in the Moscow Hall of the Novotel Hotel to see excerpts from the movies she acted in:
 1. ?Valkadin talks to God?, a TV film, directed by Ivan Andonov, starring: Vassil Mihaylov, Maria Statoulova, Dosyo Dossev, etc. ; best male performance award of Vassil Mihaylov at the 1997 Plovdiv Golden Chest TV Film Festival.
 2. ?Advent?, a 1981 production.
 3. ?Advantage?, directed by Georgi Dyulgerov, starring: Roussy Chanev, Maria Statoulova, Plamen Donchev, Plamena Getova, etc. Awards: the 1978 Varna Bulgarian Film Festival ? the Special Prize, the Cameraman work award; the 1978 Berlin International Film Festival ? Second prize ?Silver Bear? to the director Georgi Dyulgerov; the 1979 Avelino (Italy) International Film Festival ? First Prize ?Gold Lacheno? to the director Georgi Dyulgerov and the actress Maria Statoulova.
 4. ?To Love out of Spite?, the Special Jury Award at the Karlovy Vary (the Czech Republic) International Film Festival.
These are just a few of the numerous films showing her brilliant acting, while those films are just a bit of her immense acting presence. At the theatre, her latest part was in the mono-performance called ?The Blind Hope?, by Boyan Papazov. That is a very enchanting performance, a real end-of-season surprise, directed by Vazkressia Viharova. The mono-performance of Maria Statoulova, usually acting comedy characters, presents a rather unusual dramatic side of her talent ? a mighty and yet vulnerable creature just like Hope itself.