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The Plovdiv Schools ? Municipality maintained

According to Ms.Vanya Atanassova, Manager of the Municipal Department of Science and Education, all the reconstruction works in Plovdiv schools and kindergartens will be finished in time for the new school year, i.e. September 15th, 2003. The work is done by priorities. The number of the educational institutions in Plovdiv is 120 altogether. As Ms. Atanassova pointed in her interview to the Maritsa newspaper, the distribution of the reconstruction funds is as follows:
1.55,000 leva ? for aluminium window frames installation at the Tchernorizets Hrabar Secondary School
2.30,000 leva ? for PVC window frames installation at the Elin Pelin Primary School
3.66,000 leva - for basic reconstruction of the roof, walls re-painting and window frames reconstruction at the Todor Kableshkov Primary School
4.30,000 leva ? for PVC window frames installation at the Svetla Kindergarten
5.59000 leva ? for a new steam-heating installation at the Drouzhba Kindergarten
6.43,000 leva - for reconstruction of the heating system and a new steam-boiler, floor coverings, new roof, and sanitary sewage reconstruction work at the Todor Kableshkov Primary School
7.60,000 leva ? for reconstruction work at the Aleko Konstantinov Primary School and the Pencho Slaveykov Primary School
As initiated by the Municipality, a special Social-Investment Fund will be created ? a project of 240,000 leva. The Fund?s money will go for the construction of a gym at the Naiden Gerov Secondary School, situated in the Stolipinovo neighbourhood, inhabited predominantly by the gipsy minority.
Here we mention only educational institutions with larger amounts attributed to their reconstruction needs. The reconstruction activities are performed by companies whose bid was the most favourable and they will report their job to the regional mayors themselves.