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The Pamporovo Mountain Resort

   Information about the resort based on the Pamporovo Info Centre:
   Location: the Central Rhodopes
   Altitude: 1650 m
   Closest peak: Snezhanka Peak (1926 m)
   Proximity to a big city: Plovdiv, 85 km
   Average annual temperature: 8.5 C
   Telephone code: 03021
   Telephones for reservations: 8242, 8348, 8364
   Fax number: 8364
   Number of ski tracks: 8
   Number of beds altogether for the resort: over 2500
   The article by Slavka Radicheva in the today?s edition of the Maritsa Newspaper gives the following valuable information: The number of ions in Pamporovo is three to four times higher than alongside the seawater. For some 10 minutes the phytoncide belt surrounding the resort destroys all the disease-causing microorganisms. The beautiful scenery itself acts as a powerful healing factor to the nervous system. The climate-therapy has its best effect from June to September.
All that information found its place in the newly published book ?Pamporovo ? 70 years? by four Chepelare-based authors, which was presented to the audience yesterday as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations. A two-day event dedicated to the culture tourism took place with the participation of foreign experts. The message expressed by Andres Estirado from Spain, a culture-tourism tour operator, was the following: ?Don?t lose your identity, respect your monuments, your culture, your language, and do all the necessary for the rest to respect you?.
 His warning was that 5 years from now Bulgaria will not get funding but pay taxes to the EU, therefore all the money acquired today should be very efficiently used.