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In honour to the Day of Plovdiv

In honour to the Day of Plovdiv, after a 12-year silence, the first Singing Fountains in Bulgaria were released, working again in its full glory. The very pond the fountains are placed in, is part of the centennial history of the Tsar Simeon?s Garden (famous today as the City Garden).
Enjoying its beauty today, we cannot forget mentioning the name of the eminent Swiss gardener Lucienne Schevalas, who arrived in 1891 to Plovdiv, invited by the Governor of East Roumelia ? Knjaz Aleko Bogoridi. Schevalas?s task was to decorate the empty space of 70 decares, where the first Bulgarian Exposition was supposed to take place. Special care was given to the big pond that substituted the so-far existing moor.
Some 12 years ago, the cement base of the pond started cracking and leaking, which was the reason why the first water attraction in Bulgaria, the Singing Fountain, was stopped. The reconstruction of the pond?s base started two months ago and cost more than 168,000 leva of the municipality budget. Now the pond has been filled with 10,000 cubic metres of water, the fountains are working and until the end of this week 90 colourful project-lights will be colouring the dance of the water for three hours each night.