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Four athletes from Plovdiv ? at the World Athletic Championship

The World Athletic Championship in Paris will take place from August 23rd  ? 31st. Today?s publication in the Maritsa Newspaper says that our greatest athletes Theresa Marinova (step-and-jump), Svetla Dimitrova and Yana Kassova  (100m hurdle-race) as well as the sprinter Petya Pendareva will not participate due to injuries. From the altogether 13 athletes to take part in this championship, four are representatives of Plovdiv-based sports clubs. They are: Ivaylo Roussinov and Nikolay Atanassov (long jump) ? members of the Lokomotiv Plovdiv Sports Club; Tanya Koleva and Spas Bouhalov (pole-jump) - members of the Trakia Plovdiv Sports Club.
The rest of the Bulgarian team are: Daniela Yordanova (1500 m), Venelina Veneva (high jump), Maria Dimitrova (step-and-jump), Ekaterina Mashova, Monika Gachevska, Mariana Dimitrova and Nedjalka Nedkova (baton-race 4 x 400 m), Ilian Efremov (pole-jump), Petar Dachev (long-jump). Our world vice-champion from Seville Rostislav Dimitrov gave up his participation due to inadequate preparation, and so did the hurdler Zhivko Videnov. According to Dobri Karamanov, Secretary of the Bulgarian Athletics Association: ?Participation in six finals will be a success, any medal will be an act of heroism.?
We wish all the participants to come back home as medallists!