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Foreign Tourists Spent US$ 224 M in Bulgaria

In the first four months of 2003 the revenues from international tourism in Bulgaria amount to US$ 224 million. This is by 12.5 percent more as compared with the same period of the previous year, show the preliminary analysis of the Ministry of Economy. From January to June a total of 1,234,960 foreign tourists visited Bulgaria. Compared with the same period in 2002 this is by 9.59 percent more. Within this period the largest number of holiday-makers came to Bulgaria from Greece - 219,857. More vacationers are coming from Germany, United Kingdom, Central Europe, EU, Canada and Australia. In June only the increase was 23.6 percent. Within the same period the Bulgarians spent on traveling abroad US$ 182.8 million, 11.1 percent more than last year. The net profit from international tourism in this country amounts to US$ 41.2 million which marks 19.1 percent growth. In the first six months of 2003, 1,504,744 Bulgarians traveled abroad. This is by 3.73 percent more as compared with the same period of the last year.