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Dzhendem Tepe Hill ? an idea for its preservation and future

(Based on an article in the Maritsa newspaper)
The Hills of Plovdiv are much more than just a natural phenomenon. They have always taken part in the life of the city and intend to be a part of its future as well. The idea for the ?renovation? of one of the hills, the Dzhendem Tepe Hill (or as it is popularly called the Youth Hill) comes from two of the Plovdiv architects ? Arch. M.Karamfilova and Arch.A.Badvaganjan. Apart from technical parameters, they also offer a scheme for the financial support for realization of their idea. They think that, parallel to the budgeted funds, there should be established a fund (named The Dzhendem Tepe Fund) to raise money for the realization of the project and also some way found to acquire financial support by international ecological organizations and foundations.
The latest research activities of the Dzhendem Tepe Hill resulted in some very worrying facts regarding its condition ? the huge annual temperature amplitude is considered the main reason for the erosion and landslide of the southern slope. Therefore, first and foremost, the hill should be secured in order to be a safe place for people. Urgent measures are necessary for the preservation of some parts, until the processes leading to erosion are successfully handled.
A very modern project, that won the first prize of the Youth Contest ?Eco Trimontium 2002?, has been developed by two young Plovdiv architects ? Arch. Stefan Stefanov and Arch. Rayna Bekirova. They suggest the light to become the new symbol of Plovdiv. According to the project, the lines of the Dzhendem Tepe Hill with its specific silhouette, is preserved but integrated into belts of lights. This way a soft light will embrace the hill at night and it will be visible from a large distance, far beyond the city lines.
Shortly, the Plovdiv architects have ideas how to preserve the Dzhendem Tepe Hill, as well as how to create its new vision, but this idea definitely needs the support of Plovdiv residents and, of course, to be reasonably executed by the respective authorities?
The main goal is so simple - the hills to remain an inseparable part of Plovdiv, known as the City of the Hills.