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Disneyland in Plovdiv ? expected opening May 1st, 2005

As pointed in the today?s edition of the Maritsa newspaper, there was an official meeting at the Municipality between the Plovdiv Mayor Mr.Ivan Chomakov amd investors and designers, regarding the construction of a huge amusement park with size of 140 decares, next to the Rowing canal.
According to the Mayor?s words, this unique amusement ?city?, featuring a Disneyland and an Aqua park, will be constructed by foreign companies, since Bulgaria has no experience in that field.
Exactly a year ago, the Municipality Council decided to start a new company called ?Trakia Amusement Park? JSC, which will be responsible for the construction site. The company is a joint venture between the following parties:
 1.?Central Investment Group Holding? JSC, Luxemburg
 2.Financial-Industrial Group ?REI Holding? JSC, Sofia
 3.The Plovdiv Municipality
The company was registered at the court in April 2003. The chief coordinator of the project is Mr.Roumen Draganov. According to him, the investment will range between 6 and 36 million leva, depending on the size of the park. It will be situated between the Brothers? Tomb, the Medical Academy Hospital buildings and the Rowing Canal.
What is the new and unique in this future amusement park?
 1.There will be a river and an artificial wave
 2.There will be a Garden of the Bulgarian King

 3.There will be lots of flower beds and streams bearing the names of Bulgarian rivers
 4.There will be a computer hall featuring games with the Thracian Temples
 This new Disneyland-like park is expected to work non-stop, 24 hours a day and all the adults accompanying young kids will enter the park for free.