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An Exhibition-Bazaar at the Ethnographic Museum (August 4th ? 17th)

In an article in the SEGA newspaper from Oct.19th, 2001, Mr.Vassil Dolapchiev, Chairman of the Blind People Union, mentions the following facts: ?The state assigns only 150 000 leva annually for the blind people, while in the neighbouring countries those sums vary from 700 000 up to 2 million US dollars annually.?
Therefore, it is a really flattering fact that Plovdiv Municipality allots space in the Ethnographic Museum to the blind people to exhibit their works during the Amateur Art Activities Days. The exhibition is under the initiative of the Blind People Union ? Bulgaria, and the Regional Organization of the Blind People ? Plovdiv. The motto, chosen by the participants of the exhibition, is ?Our Artistic Creations Days?. You can see macram? and hand-knitted works, artistic basket making, books and paintings.
So, dear guests of Plovdiv and locals ? if you decide to take a walk up the steep narrow streets of the Old Town in the August heat, be sure to visit the Ethnographic Museum, situated right next to the old ?St. St. Constantine and Helena? church at 2 Dr. Stoyan Chomakov Str., in the house that once belonged to the eminent trader Argir Koyumdzhioglu. Here, in the unique atmosphere of the beautiful house, built in 1847 by the Rhodopean builder master Georgi Hadzhijski, you will get closer to pieces of beauty created by the blind people. They truly deserve the time you will spend there. Moreover, you can buy every exhibit you like. Enjoy your time!