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A contemporary Don Quixote

Based on a publication from today?s issue of the Maritsa Newspaper:
Tseno Petrov is one of the eight certified ornithologists (the science of birds) in Bulgaria. He lives and works in the town of Assenovgrad, and has 34 years of experience as a scientific specialist at the Plovdiv Museum of Natural History.  He knows he is a strange person but he likes being one. He radiates a spiritual harmony and he believes that one day people will want to borrow the best from the birds for their own lives. Therefore he ardently and tenderly takes care of birds, trying to do almost the impossible to resurrect some of the extinct species in Bulgaria.
He is a hundred-percent certain that people should think and care more about Nature, thus sparing a lot of evil done. He believes that white storks have the real chance to be saved and he seeks support from various institutions, including from politicians. He expects a real civil society to be born in his hometown, which will help it to become beautiful and modern, and to get out of the black lists of ?ecological hot spots?. His true motivation is his beloved grandchildren to remain living here, in Bulgaria.
Wouldn?t you agree that such a cause deserves our true support?