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100 Levs For a Weekend in the Bulgarian mountain resort

The tourist's flow in Bansko does not run dry in summer. In private lodgings an accommodation costs from 6 to 8 levs, a double-bed room in two-crown family hotels costs 25 to 30 levs, in three-crown hotels - 30 to 35 levs, while in the four-crown ones - between 50 and 60 levs, breakfast incl. The smallest town in Bulgaria - Melnik, competes with Bansko. A great number of blue-chip hotels, such as 'Bolyarka' and 'Despot Slav' were built in the previous years there, with double-bed rooms at 30 to 35 levs. A suite costs 60 levs, and a president's one - 100 levs. One will need less money if being accommodated in whatever old house in the town. A double-bed room in 'Uzounova House' with a private WC runs at 20 levs only. If one prefers the private lodgings, he may holiday much cheaper. An accommodation there costs 4 or 5 levs.
Another offers for the sworn anglers:
Rhodope health resorts up to dam lake ?Batak?, where the fishing is alowed ? spending the night between 6 to 50 levs