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Konstantin Stoilov (1853-1901)

Dr. Stoilov was born on September 23rd, 1853, in Plovdiv, in the well-to-do patriotic family of Stoil Zakharliata. His mother comes fro the eminent Koprivshtitsa family clan of the Moravenovs. Konstantin Stoilov graduated from the popular American College “Robert College” in Constantinople, then took his PhD in Law from the university in Heidelberg, Germany, attended Civil Law lectures in Paris. A man of great knowledge, he was fluent in English, German, French and the classical languages. He became a member of the Masonic lodge while a student in Germany.


Twice a Prime Minister, several times a Foreign Minister, Law Minister, Interior Affairs Minister, and years in a row a Member of the National Assembly. He died too young - at the age of 47, and was buried with all the honors of a great statesman. I have always been conducted by true love to my country, he wrote in his diary….