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Karel Skorpil (1859-1944)

Czech by origin. Also known under the spelling of Schkorpil (pronounced Sh-korpil). Teacher, archaeologist; museum founder. Spent some time as a teacher of Maths in several high schools in Plovdiv. Together with his brother, Herminegild (Hermin) Schkorpil, and V. Dobruski, created a large archaeological and numismatic collection at the St.St.Cyril and Methodius High School, which later developed into the Plovdiv Archaeological Museum.

Since 1894 he had lived in the city of Varna. He dedicated his life to archaeology; closely studied archaeological sites in Southern Bulgaria. Member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 1918. In 1885 he published his Notes on some archaeological historical research studies in Thrace.

The book of the two Skorpil brothers, Herminegild (Hermin) and Karel Skorpil , called Burial mounds, published at the end of 19th century is still an archeological bible for contemporary specialists, containing valuable information for the numerous burial mounds all around the territory of Bulgaria.

Until 1900, there were many research studies of BG caves published, but the most imposing and valuable ones are those of the Schkorpil brothers, done at the end of the 19th century.

He died in Sofia on March 10th, 1944, in Sofia and was buried in the ancient Bulgarian capital of Pliska.

For more information, you could also take a look at the study Bulgarian Gagaouzes. Ethnic and Social Еnigma, by Dr. Roumiana Chukova.