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Kamen Vichev, Father (1893 - 1952)

Kamen Vichev was born in the village of Srem, Bourgas region, on May 23rd, 1893. He started his theological education in 1912 in Belgium, where he studied until 1918. After recieving his PhD in Theology in 1930 from the University of Strasburg, France, he was appointed a philosophy teacher at the St Augustine College in Plovdiv.

He was arrested by the militia forces in accusation of conspiracy against the communist state. He was shot on November 12th, 1952, in the city of Sofia, together with other catholic priests.

\\\\\\\\ During his visit to Plovdiv in May 2002, Pope John Paul II declared three Bulgarian martyr priests as beatific - Kamen Vitchev (born in 1893), Pavel Dzhidzhov (born in 1919) and Yosaphat Shishkov born in (1884), executed by the communists in 1952. The pontiff officially announced their beatifications - the last step before raising someone to sainthood - during his visit to Plovdiv in May 2002.