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Ivan St. Geshov (Plovdiv, 20.02.1849 - 11.03.1924)

Political figure, diplomat, cousin of the eminent public figure, Ivan Evstratiev Geshov.

He graduated from the Robert College in Constantinople, and studied at the Owens College in Manchester. After the Liberation (1878) he became Mayor of Plovdiv (1880-83), MP at the local National Assembly, and member and Chairman of the Standing Committee (1884-85) of East Roumelia. He was one of the eminent figures, and from 1883 on - the Leader, of the Peoples Party.

He also worked as an editor of the Plovdiv newspaper Saedinenie (i.e. Unification) (1882-86). From 1879 on he was a diplomat abroad. You could take a look at the letter he wrote as a Bulgarian Diplomatic Agent in Constantinople to Dr. Stoyan Danev, Minister of Foreign and Religious Affairs, requesting information about the status of the American Diplomatic Representative in Bulgaria, from May 1901.