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Georgi Atanassov, Maestro (1882 - 1931)

Conductor, composer, pioneer of Bulgarian opera. He graduated as a student of Pietro Mascani at the Rossini College in Pesaro, Italy, as Maestro di Musica. Atanassov made his early career as a military bandmaster. His operas start from 1911, with a production of Borislav. In 1922 -23 he conducted at the Sofia National Opera, and his operas from that date were premiered at that opera house. He was the bandmaster of the Guards Orchestra (considered the first BG symphony orchestra).

 Author of the operas Gergana(1917), Tsveta(1929), Kossara(1926) and Altsek (1930). Among his other works are 5 childrens operettas, including The Ill Teacher and The Small Hero.