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Will Plovdiv ever be connected into a direct gas supply system?

Today is the first school day for all the students in Bulgaria. Therefore, today is a good day to draw a conclusion about what we all have done or intend to do for the young people, so that they will be willing to remain living in their home country and in their hometown Plovdiv -  a city of European status.
As we can read in the Maritsa newspaper, the municipality reports that all the educational institutions it is responsible for are ready and fully equipped for the new school year. But in the after-school hours, all these kids are supposed to go back to their homes where it should be also warm and cosy. Unfortunately, in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, half a dozen of the large city areas are still in fearful expectation of the upcoming winter and, respectively, of the electricity accounts. In case Plovdiv gets connected into a centralised gas supply system, each family?s account for warming up their flats will be simply reduced in half. That project, however, has remained stall for more than 10 years now. The facts so far are the following:
October 12th -15th will be the dates when the offers by the candidates for constructing and further managing of the gas supply system in the following city areas will be viewed: Southern, Central, and the Trakia Housing Complex. The competition is organized by the State Committee of Energetic and Energy Regulation. Six companies have bought the auction documentation so far (each package for participation costing 10,000 leva). Among those are: Overgas Inc., Rourgas - Germany, Masterex ? Texas, a Russian and an Italian company. But how about the rest of the city areas?
Let us hope that this time the choice of a contractor will finally end the long-time saga of having a centralised gas supply system under the hills.