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VYARA, NADEZHDA and LYUBOV (Faith, Hope and Love) and their mother SOPHIA

Name day of everyone named Vyara, Vera, Veronika, Nadezhda, Nadya, Lyuben, Lyubomir, Lyuba, Sophia, Sofka, Sevda.

Orthodox Church tells the horrible story of a second-century Roman mother who sacrificed herself and her three children in the name of Jesus Christ. The mother was named Sophia, and her three daughters had the names of Faith (Vyara), Hope (Nadezhda), and Love (Lyubov).

This quartet of frail females stood up to the brutal might of Rome at a time when a mere whisper of dissent could mean death to a Roman citizen, Christian or pagan.

Sophia was a widow under whose loving care her three daughters acquired poise and Christian virtue, looked upon with respect by the village, which they left for the more rewarding city-life of Rome, the Eternal City.