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The famous car rally Hebros is back again

The official opening of the Hebros Rally will be tomorrow, Saturday, July 26th, at 08:45 a.m. in front of the Maritsa Hotel. The start of the first car will be at exactly 09:31 a.m. The cars will run the following route:
Plovdiv ? Boykovo ? Dedevo ? Zdravets Mountain-Hostel ? Yavrovo ? assenovgrad - Plovdiv
Plovdiv citizens as well as the city guests will be able to watch the spectacular speed leg during the Day 1 at the Komateski road junction ? at 09:40 a.m.
Sixty-seven teams applied for  participation, of which:
- 7 from Turkey

- 5 from Greece
- 1 from the Czech Republic ? the famous Martin Knyazhl, pointed as the winner of the car race ?Skoda Octavia 2000?
On Sunday, the cars will be running on the following route:
Plovdiv ? Peshtera ? St.Constantine ? Batak ? Dobra Voda ? Captain Demirevo ? Plovdiv

The final will be at about 5 p.m. again outside the Maritsa Hotel. The best Plovdiv pilots will take part in  this rally, with the exception of the famous team Geradzhiev & Popov, who are attending the ?Germany? Rally.