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The archaeological findings ? an essential issue for Bulgaria

A new Thracian acropolis near the village of Novo Zhelezare was uncovered by the team of archaeologists, led by Dr. Georgi Kitov. It is part of the Thracian cult complex near the Starosel village. It is believed to be a unique Thracian building that used to serve as an ?open-air calendar? for the ancient Thracian Kingdom. Unfortunately, the archaeologists worry that treasure-hunters would be attacking this archaeological site. There is no professional guarding available ? but understanding the value of the discovery, the people of the village themselves intends to guard the site from the treasure hunters.
According to Georgi Kitov, the ancient Thracians used to check the movement of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun from that mysterious building - they used to get information about the months and the seasons and also forecasted the weather. The ancient observatory dates 6th century B.C. It has been preserved for 25 centuries. That Thracian building resembles the Stonehenge phenomenon in England, but it is several times smaller. Being one of the world wonders, it belongs to the Bronze Era and is believed to be the oldest observatory discovered so far?
The ?Temp? Archaeological Expedition, led by Dr. Georgi Kitov, started work in June this year, with a permission for excavation in 15 mounds, and is financed by the European Foundation ?Horizon?.  Part of the excavation and restoration of sites is sponsored by ?Rose Valley? Winery. Between 3 and 4 million leva should be invested into the new intersection leading to the village, which has been expecting that reconstruction for years. The bad road and the lack of electricity and toilets around the archaeological sites really stop the inflow of foreign tourists, although the fact that the municipality had signed contracts with the German tour-operator TUI.
Nevertheless, there is a huge interest towards the place. Almost 50-60 people daily visit the complex near the Starosel village, and around 300 to 500 people get acquainted with the ancient times during the weekends. The complex is the largest one and it is believed by the specialists that the holy valley of the Thracians was exactly here. The archaeologists think that the Dionysus?s Sanctuary used to lie next to the discovered temple of Sitalk.