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The Day of Bulgarian Revival Period's Cultural Leaders

November 1st Bulgaria celebrates one of the greatest days honoring our culture and development - The Day of Bulgarian Revival Period's Cultural Leaders, who had contributed so much to Bulgarian liberation and to the spiritual and material prosperity of Bulgarian people. That day we all honor those great Bulgarians who had eaken up our national spirit and built up again our national identity; that day we should all look back into our past and pay tribute to moments of agony and exultation in learning the moral history teaches.

Bulgarian Revival period is the time of history that most strongly represents Bulgarian national community and identity, and the heroes of that time have turned to be the brightest symbols of the whole nation. That day we should all pay tribute to the great Bulgarians our nation is so proud of: St. Ivan Rilski, Paisii Hilendarski, Sofronii Vrachanski, Neofit Bozveli, Hristo Botev, Zachary Stoyanov, Naiden Gerov, Yoakim Gruev and many more...

We could not, of course, mention here all the spiritual leaders and supporters in the strive of our nation for independent language, church and culture. We owe them our language and literature, our church and school, our knowledge and culture - it all helped our nation survive and achieve our freedom and independence.

Bulgaria has been celebrating the National Enlighteners Day as a national holiday since 1922 and teachers and students have seen parades on this occasion since the 1930s.