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The Bulgarian mountaineer Mr.Nikolay Petkov

The narrow edge between the reasonable and unreasonable risk must not be crossed over. We have to be wise and brave towards Mount Everest, says Nikolay Petkov

Nikolay Petkov was born in 1958, Smolyan, Bulgaria. He is an electric engineer and computer specialist by profession. He has been in mountaineering since 1973. His career in this sport includes over 30 extremely tough ascents. In 1984, he was one of the youngest members in the expedition towards Mount Everest who climbed it. The peaks he has climbed spread out over the map of the whole world. This sport took the life of one of his closest friends. The last tragic incident was with Sofia Foteva. She perished at a training climbing. Their son is 5 today. Nikolay Petkov is the leader of the national expedition that will be prepared in Pamir, for the ascending of Mount Everest next year.
In the question: "Which is the most important rule for a mountaineer?", he said:
" The rule that you never cross over the narrow edge between the reasonable and unreasonable risk."