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STEFANOVDEN (St. Stephen or Stefans Day)

Name day of everyone named Stefan (the name Stefan means 'crown'), Stefanka, Stoil, Stoyo, Stoyka, Stoycho, Stoimen, Stoichko, Stancho, Stanka, Stoyan (Minchev), Stoyanka, Tanyo, Tanya, Tsonko/a, Tsanko/a, Stanimir/a, Stamen, Zapryan/a; Ventsislav/a (also Dec. 30th).

The third day of Christmas is Stefanovden (St. Stefan's Day). The ones who have a nameday are given gifts and bathed, people sing songs and play the horo dance. They dance for the last time in the square the Christmas buenek.

Folk legends say that if you borrow salt on Christmas and don't return it, you will have trouble with your eyes. If your ear aches on Christmas this is an indication that an angel has passed by you. And you have to make the sign of the cross three times and whatever you think of will come true...

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