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Old Town houses restoration

As reported by BTA:
Seven of the houses in the architectural preserved area ?Ancient Plovdiv? will be restored thanks to UNESCO funding
That has been decided according to an agreement between the UN Education, Sciences and Culture Organization, called UNESCO, and the Bulgarian government, approved at a governmental session, Thursday, Aug.8th 2003. That news was reported to the journalists by the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr.Petko Draganov. All the houses to be restored are situated at a very central place in the Old Town of Plovdiv, and are visited by thousands of tourists.
Among those are the famous houses of Dimitar Georgiadi, Nikola Nedkovich, Georgi Klianti, Stepan Hindlian. The cost of this project that has to be completed within three years amounts to 999 738 US Dollars. The funding will be allotted by the UNESCO Japanese Fund for Culture Monuments Preservation. The agreement will be signed during the forthcoming visit of the UNESCO General Director, Mr.Koichiro Matsuura, to Bulgaria, August 26th-28th. On the behalf of the Bulgarian Government, the agreement will be signed by the Foreign Minister, Mr.Solomon Passi.