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MAKAVEYAN DAYS - August 1-12

The traditional holidays called "Makaveyan Days"  last for 12 days - from August 1st to August 12th. The Makaveyan Days are related to folk meteorology. Old people used to name those 12 days after the 12 months of the year, the first day being September, the second October, the third November, and so on - up to the twelfth, which is August again but in next year. That way, observing the weather day by day, people knew what the weather would be all the year ahead.

The first day of the Makaveyan Days – Egus, is celebrated mostly by women, so that their fingers would “not be eaten away” by too much spinning. That day in some villages the father-in-law summons his sons-in-law to a festive table. After the meal, he taps on their back with a bag full of air. The sons-in-law scatter into the yard and, crying out loud, they walk around all the corners - that ritual is believed to bring health and fertility to the cattle. If a man works that day, fire will burn his house or a wolf will eat all his domestic animals.