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KEO - the project of the 21st century

Based on publication in the ?24 Hours? Newspaper:
Messages from all over the world are going to be sent on a satellite to the space, and after a period of 50,000 years they will get back to Earth again, as messages to our future generations. The project of the 21st century, chosen by the UNESCO organization, is called KEO, which means ?archaeological bird of the future?.
In order to be differentiated from all the rest in space, that one is going to have wings that will move in accordance to the changes in temperature. It was created by the French scientist and man-of-arts Jean-Marc Philippe (who is a special guest to the Plovdiv Autumn Fair, and will arrive to our city on September 29th, 2003). Messages from all over Europe will be collected in a special centre with an urn. One country is picked up to represent the whole continent. Bulgaria has been chosen due to the great interest towards the Cyrillic alphabet.
KEO will be sent into the space in the end of next year. A drop of human blood, a drop by the ocean and a sample of air will be kept in the core of a diamond. Also, there will be messages to the future generations consisting of photos and music from all nationalities.