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KCM-Plovdiv-a public firmed family holiday-28th of June, 2003

The Non-ferrous Metals Smelter (KCM SA) is situated on the 900 decare site between Plovdiv and Assenovgrad. KCM-40 years of development and the position of the biggest producer of non-ferrous metals, lead and zinc alloys in the Central and Eastern Europe.

?In the years of dynamic economical changes, when many business entities stopped existing or decreased their activity, our shareholders? company not only managed to keep its stable positions, conquered in its 40 years old history, but it took hold of new market territories.?- say NIKOLA DOBREV, Ass. Prof., Dr., Eng. - Chairman of the Managing Board of KCM SA.
Traditional firmed family holiday of KCM will be carried out at  the area of the Prophylactic Building ?Koprivkite? on the 28th of June, 2003 (Saturday).
Our congratulations!