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July Morning- once again on the seashore with Uriah Heep

The sun rises every day, but it is probably only on 1 July that the sunrise is given a rapturous welcome accompanied by beer, rock music and bonfires. At least this is what happens in Bulgaria! As usual, tens of thousands of Bulgarians are going to celebrate the first day of July with Uriah Heep’s cult song July Morning. Mass and wild partying on the country’s seashore has become a Bulgarian patent, having established itself as a celebration of the free spirit. The sunrise is perhaps most exciting if you happen to be on the cliffs near the village of Kamen Bryag on the Northern coast which in the latter years has become a July Morning capital. Year after year Uriah Heep’s vocalist John Lawton is singing the evergreen hit against the backdrop of the slowly emerging from the marine blue fire ball.

To go to the seaside and welcome the sunrise… Perhaps, each of us dreams of breaking the chains of everyday life and setting out on a journey to freedom. On the night of 30 June the beaches of Varvara, Pomorie, Kamen Bryag and other seaside places will teem with tents and bonfires, and people will be partying wildly until dawn. On the cliffs near Kamen Bryag, Kavarna Municipality is organizing a July Morning Festival for an 8th consecutive year. The show will be kicking off around 4.30 a.m. with a rock concert under the dawning sky. Bulgarian bands like B.T.R., REV, Komanda 5, etc. will be performing live there. The culmination of the event will be at 5.32 when the first July sunrays will herald the new day, and John Lawton will go on stage facing the sunrise to sing the emblematic July Morning together with thousands of Bulgarian fans. “Every year John Walton wows the audience. We hope that will happen this year, too”, says Kosta Argirov from Kavarna Municipality

“The show starts before sunrise and lasts until 8 a.m., Kosta Argirov explains. It really gets the adrenaline flowing. As usual, we expect that 3000-5000 people will come along not only for the music event, but also for the exotic seashore. In fact, this is the most eastern Bulgarian shore. That’s why, we welcome the Sun first”.