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General Borissov's resignation

Bulgaria - Press review - April 30
General Borissov's resignation

Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha will decide on the resignation of Interior Ministry Chief Secretary General Boyko Borissov after the holidays, "Sega" reports. Borissov's post has not been offered to anyone else, "Monitor" writes without revealing its source.

The press reports of a statement by Stela Bankova MP of the ruling Simeon II National Movement (SNM) on bTV, that General Borissov's resignation is a brilliant move aimed at making him leader of a new political party supporting the King.

"We worked well with General Borissov in law enforcement and security. We hope that the fight against crime and corruption will continue,"24 Chassa" cites the US Embassy as saying in connection with the resignation of General Borissov.

If General Borissov is nominated as mayor of some population centre the SNM may well support him, as long as he himself wishes to take such a post, Aleko Kyurkchiev of the SNM tells "Standart News" in an interview.