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First two electric cars made in Bulgaria to come out on the market in 2011

Two models of electric cars – a family and a sports one – made in Bulgaria will come out on the market in the second or third quarter of this year. The plans of the British company Zero Carbon 2020, which will manufacture the electric cars in the town of Stara Zagora in Southern Bulgaria, foresee an initial production of about 100 vehicles per year. By 2015, the output of the factory in Stara Zagora is expected to reach 5 to 10 thousand vehicles per year. Jamie Robertson, Zero Carbon 2020’s chairman, has announced the news during an international fair “Electric cars – the challenges to new mobility” held in Sofia. The electric cars produced in Stara Zagora will be able to cover about 300km on a single charge of their batteries. Translated in terms of expenses, 100km will cost 1,5 euro. Drawn by such incentives as cheap labor and law taxation, the Brits will initially invest in Bulgaria over 6 mln euro. Later the amount of investments will be raised to 10-15 mln euro. The French auto giant Citroen also plans to mass produce electric cars in the town of Bozurishte near the capital Sofia. They will manufacture minivans for ambulances, post delivery vans, bookstores-on-wheels for remote regions and refrigerator vans. Di Ven from the town of Lom in Northern Bulgaria will invest about 300,000 euro in the mass production of light-weight vehicles to respond to high demand abroad. The price tag of these light-weight vehicles will be in the neighborhood of 10,000 euro and it will be able to cover 50km on a single battery charge. The infrastructure will be provided. By the end of the year, about 20 charging stations for electric vehicles will be set up in Sofia by the German company RWE. “This is a new innovative industry which gives a chance to new player to become part of a range of fast developing businesses,” said at the opening of the fair Economy minister Traicho Traikov.

The most attractive part of the fair in Sofia was the introduction of the latest e-cars of major automakers. There was also a test drive for the most curious visitors. Today we refer to electric vehicles as second generation ones. History shows that the first electric vehicle was produced back in 1834.