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Cultural Events in the Balabanov House in the Old Town

Based on a publication in the Maritsa newspaper
Yesterday the Plovdiv Mayor, Dr. Ivan Chomakov, opened the already traditional for Plovdiv National Autumn Painting Exhibition. The opening took place in the Balabanov House in the Old Town. This year the exhibition includes paintings by 14 artists from all over Bulgaria. Eli Stancheva is the project?s curator. A special guest to the opening was the best player on a shepherd?s pipe, Teodosij Spassov. The ex-president of Bulgaria, Mr.Petar Stoyanov was also present to the exhibition?s opening. The guest of honour was the eminent Plovdiv artist Dimitar Kirov. Nikola Manev arrived from Paris with some of his paintings to participate in that exhibition. Among the participants are also Liliana Rousseva, Kalina Tasseva, Yurij Minchev.
Tonight, once again in the Balabanov House, alongside with all the paintings, the visitors will be able to take part in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the poet Alexander Banderov. His book of poetry called ?Malachite Reflections? will be presented to the audience. The publisher of the book is Bozhana Apostolova, owner of the ?Jeanette? Publishing House. The artistic work of the poet will be presented by the eminent literary critic, Prof. Svetlozar Igov. The fans of the belle-letters will be trapped into the beautiful poetic trap, where past and present are interweaving, and future is just an illusion.