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Bulgarian alloy for dentures

/based on an article in the Maritsa Newspaper/
A team of metallurgists of the KCM Joint-Stock Company, Plovdiv, has processed and clinically tested gold alloy for metal-ceramics used in the dentistry. The new alloy will try to compete the imported alloys, which are much more expensive. The hardest part of the team?s work has been to ?teach? the gold how to shrink and expand alongside with the metal-ceramics, so that the dentures will not get cracked. According to medical experts, the use of gold alloys in the metal-ceramics is definitely not a question of vanity. Quite a lot of people are allergic to the nickel and cobalt, which are also widely used in metal-ceramics dentures.
The price of Bulgarian gold alloy is 23 leva per gram, without VAT. It is produced in two variations ? a 916-standard gold (22 carats) and a 580-standard gold (14 carats). It is also possible to have a combination of the two standards but it could be done only as prescribed by either the dentist or the dental laboratory. There also will be a way for an exchange of old dentures for new ones, and the price of such a re-modeling will be at a price of 1.8 USD per gram, without VAT. That exchange will be possible even by parcel post. Bulgarian gold alloy will be produced at Workshop 330 of the KCM Joint-Stock Company, Plovdiv.