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?Association for Plovdiv?

(Information taken from the Maritsa newspaper)
The ?Association for Plovdiv? will organize a series of events related to business support. The decision was taken at the yesterday?s meeting of the Association, led by the Chairman of the Maritsa Publishing House, Mr. Stepan Eremyan. It has been decided that in the end of November a seminar will be held, on the following topic: ?Competitive power and industrial might of business units in the Southern Central Region?. As a next step, a meeting will be organized with leading companies from the neighbouring countries.
?Association for Plovdiv? agreed to participate in the development of a high-tech business-incubator named Cosmoplex, which will act on the territory of the Plovdiv International Fair Grounds. That initiative will be co-financed by the PHARE Program, with the participation of the government.
During its next meeting, the ?Association for Plovdiv? intends to discuss the idea of a 2-billion USD investment by the EC for the project ?Airport City?. The project takes into account the now-existing international airport of Krumovo, near Plovdiv. There are also other offers by various Plovdiv companies that will be further reviewed.