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Anniversary of the birth of Dr Obreiko Obreikov (1891 - 1969), the founder of the Plovdiv Fair

Born on June 17, 1891 in Plovdiv, Dr. Obreikov comes from an eminent Bulgarian Revival period family. Having graduated cum laude in Law (Montpellier, 1912), and Finances and Trade (Paris, 1919), he obtained Doctor's degree in Finances. Well-read, energetic and a man of strong will, Dr. Obreikov was unanimously elected by his followers to preside at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Plovdiv in 1930.

The great love he cherished for his native town, fully confident of his prime mission to contribute for the economic development of Bulgaria, and to work for the stabilization of the economic entities in the country, inspired him to further continue the deed initiated by the organizers of the First Bulgarian Exposition bacjk in 1892. Now Dr. Obreikov made everything possible to affirm Plovdiv as an internationally acknowledged fair centre of Bulgaria. The admittance of Plovdiv Fair to the Union of International Fairs (UFI) as a full-fledged member is in December 1936 at a UFI-Congress in Paris was the result of the thorough work and the most convincing assertion of Dr. Obreiko Obreikov and Bozhidar Zdravkov - the then mayor of Plovdiv.