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 (The information is based on a publication in the Maritsa newspaper)

 Today?s news refers to a team of scientists from the North-Bulgarian-town of Rousse (right on the Danube River) ? too far from Plovdiv, but it is definitely worth it?
The invention of the team led by Mr.Koycho Mitev is the latest answer to the old problem of how to create a device that can translate to all the languages in real time. That makes all language barriers just falling down? According to the scientists, that device will fundamentally change all communications between people working in various fields. The device contains a microchip coding human speech or written text as a sequence of digits.
 Mr.Mitev?s team have worked 8 years on that project but the invention is already a fact and that new method of communication is already licensed and patented. The invention could be used not only as a microchip placed inside the telephone or other communicational devices but also as a separate computer program. According to the team, if an investor gets interested, the device could be on the market in less than a year.