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A bikers' gathering in Plovdiv

Bikers Drained 7,000 Bottles of Beer
Motors roaring, hard rock, beer and grill galore, responsive girls, this is what a bikers' gathering is. The biggest is in Plovdiv. The Wind's Sons from all over Bulgaria go there every year at the first weekend of July. A three-day gathering has been thrown there for thirteen years now, which more than 5,000 motorcyclist arrive at. It has become a tradition that bikers form the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia and Greece join the fiesta. The latest bikers' meeting near Plovdiv has provided ground for everybody to boast of their new motorcycle, to reminisce old experiences with friends, and have their fling freely. However, nobody could step aside from the strong organization control set by the Plovdiv bikers' club Vagabond and their ring-leader Maleno. I have provided about 7,000 bottles of beer, arranged for the band, the famous biker explains. Although the police have cordoned off the region, the motor-brothers see to the peace themselves and do not allow misdoings to the ordinary citizens. Father Stancho served consecration of water at 2.00 pm sharp on Friday and the gathering was inaugurated. As each year, the greatest attraction was the competitions. They started on Friday afternoon with the slowest motor driving contest. The show went on with the competition on quickest biting of a sausage with ketchup on. It involves couples as the man rides the bike and the lady should have the biggest possible bite of a sausage hanging on a rod in motion. The bulkiest participants got involved in the chase of three 60-kilo pigs greased with oil. In the end of the chase the chasers did not differ much from the chased animals. Today is the last day of the gathering and is meant for sobering down.