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216 years of the first early Bulgarian printed book

In 1806 the first early Bulgarian book Nedelnik (Kiriakodromion) written by Sofronii of Vratsa was printed. The book became popular as Sofronie.

It was published in Rome. The collection contained Sunday and festive preaching, which had not only religion trends but also non-clerical and educational. The book encouraged the development of the National Revival literature and the local book printing. After the Sofronii’s Nedelnik the Bulgarian book entered tangibly the life of the educated Bulgarians.

Till the Liberation 1878 most of the Bulgarian book were printed abroad (mainly in Romania, Serbia and Russia) or in Constantinople but the attempts to open printing houses are dated yet to the 30s of the 19th century in Thessaloniki and Samokov. Later book were printed in Rousse, Svishtov, Samokov.

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