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Modern Meat Factory Opens Doors in Plovdiv

Photo by BBLF

A new modern meat factory for cutting and deboning of chilled pork and beef meat was officially opened in Bulgaria's second city of Plovdiv on Tuesday.

The plant was built by Unitemp Ltd., which has nine-year experience in meat trading and distribution all across Bulgaria.
The high-tech plant's products are destined for the Bulgarian market as well as for export.

The main technological concept of the new factory, built on 5856 square meters area, is developed according to the best world standards. It works with chilled meat, delivered by countries - members of the EU.

"Factory's running is a key moment in our corporative development," company's Executive Manager Ivan Ivanov said.

The company, together with a group of firms, is among the major distributors of beef, pork and turkey meat in Bulgaria. Their partners are leading producers all over the world: Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, Canada.

Sofia News Agency