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128 years of the bloody murder of Stefan Stambolov (January 31 1854 – July 6 1895)

Stambolov was born on January 31st, 1854, in the town of Veliko Turnovo. His ancestors originated from the small town of Tryavna. He finished his secondary education in Veliko Turnovo, and then continued his studies at the Odessa Seminary (1870-1872), but he did not graduate. His father was one of the participants in the so-called Velchova Zavera (an anti-Turkish conspiracy, 1835) and a supporter of the Captain Dyado Nikola Filipovski (1853), who fought against the Turkish oppression. Stefan Stambolov himself was an important figure in organizing the Stara Zagora Uprising (1875) and the April Uprising (1876).

He stands among the most significant and popular figures who took part in building up modern Bulgaria. In 1880 he became a Deputy Chairman, and later Chairman of Bulgarian Parliament. He was a Prime Minister for quite some time ? from 1888 until 1894. He took part in the Unification of Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Roumelia, as well as in the counter-coup in 1886. His line of politics had always been clearly national-bound, which assisted the consolidation of Bulgarian diplomacy, economy and power of state. Being engaged into political conflicts with Royal Russia and the Bulgarian Knjaz Ferdinand, Stefan Stambolov was beaten to death by political enemies and died on July 6th, 1895, in Sofia.

Let us remember his words: ?So, I feel like being the happiest, most complacent and most grateful citizen of Bulgaria, and as such, I dare to (and believe I have the right to) share all my patriotic feelings and thoughts with my simple-minded brothers. In order to fulfill that good and important cause, I have always been guided by two bright thoughts: 1) to announce to my fellow-citizens that sacred flame burning inside my chest, which is the starting point of all humble wisdom and benignity, and also 2) to leave a legacy collection of most honest and deeply patriotic ideas and feelings to future generations, which, by reading and studying them, will get nobler and more elevated in their thoughts. Therefore, having my fixed belief of doing a good and beneficial deed, I am sitting down to write my memoir notes, which, I am certain, everyone will read with necessary reverence, attention and nerve ??