Figures of Plovdiv

This section includes eminent figures of culture and arts, sports and politics, public figures and clergymen from past and present days, connected to Plovdiv – ones who were born in the city or the region, spent part of their lives here, devoted years of work to our city, or just brought fame to the city by being “Plovdivers” (a nice word to coin, isn’t it?). Some of those figures are great people of historic impact, others are more ambiguous and their contribution is still much arguable, but anyway the names of all are in one way or another has remained connected to the name of Plovdiv. Such a large gallery of the figures of Plovdiv has never been collected in a website so far. We truly hope the readers to find it useful and be interested in all the names we have gathered in that gallery. There are yet more that we have processed but have not managed to input so far.

PlovdivGuide team will be much grateful and obliged to all the readers eager to help in collecting, writing and sending articles (in BG) about other eminent figures of Plovdiv to be included in the site (a digital photo of the figure you have written about will be very helpful). So many famous and not-so-famous people have left their trace on Plovdiv’s history and deserve their names to be mentioned, aren’t they? We are looking forward to constructive and critical remarks, notes, suggestions, articles, or just any comments at the address:

The information included in those articles has been collected from various printed or electronic materials (mentioned at the end of articles), and by courtesy of the State Archive, Plovdiv, and the Ivan Vazov National Library, Plovdiv.