Veselin Sariev (1951-2003)

Veselin Sariev (1951-2003)

1/1/2012 12:00:00 AM

Poet, publisher, historian and publicist,two-times winner of the Literary Award Plovdiv (1989 and 1999) and of the Honorary Emblem of the city of Plovdiv for Donorship. He is also the winner of the special awards handed by the Citizen Society for his book Diarbekir and the Bulgarians (1996).


Excerpts from Sarievs book of poetry “Constellation of instants.  Poetic dialogues” *:

  • It is quiet - wine traders write in white letters on the pubs wall - like white pigeons in the night - the letters - roosting - get asleep.
  • A tear soaks into the ground - will a flower grow there - feeling give birth only to feelings - their flesh recedes - the model is finite - painfully alone - and unique - irradiated by deceitful energy - an old spinster up the hill - in her hands - white - a lace kerchief

* Translated from Bulgarian by Krassimir Tchakandrakov and Todor Petkov