Art Fair IMPRESIA - Plovdiv

9.6.2003 г. 0:00:00
(09.06.2003 - 15.06.2003) The IMPRESIA Art Fair was established in 1997 with the idea of ensuring a broad forum for the exchange of cultural values. The organiserers aim at promoting modern Bulgarian art by bringing together the artists and the connoisseurs, maecenas, and businessmen, who are insighful enough so as to invest in art. The manifestation is kick-started with participants from 9 countries. The oncoming years brought a great deal of joy to the organizers and an acknowledgement of the event set out. Firms and authors from 11 countries - Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, the USA, Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Japan took part at Impressia Art Fair staged in Plovdiv during the last 3 years. The International Fair Poster Competition is one of its kind worldwide to showcase the modern art of the international fair poster.This event is organized by the International fair in Plovdiv and is held annually within IMPRESSIA Ar t Fair duration. The competition jury comprises noted Bulgarian poster artists,artists, graphic design experts as well as fair experts.