Traditions & NameDays


That Feast Day is the first one of the group “Antonovden & Atanassovden” (in the period Jan.16-18) and acts as preparation to the next two larger holidays. That day is also known under the names of Sveti Verigi (meaning “Holy Chains”) or “The Chains of St. Peter”. It is mainly celbrated in the northern parts of Bulgaria and the mountain regions of Stara Planina.

That is the first one of the traditional feasts dedicated to Thunders in the traditional concept of a heavenly arrow. The person struck by a thunderstorm is considered a man of sins and punished by God’s will, so he should not be buried in public graveyards. That day, the mistresses of the house are making a special round bread “kolatch” and give pieces of it away around the neighbourhood to keep from a thunder. It is strictly forbidden to knit, weave or sew. If somebody is wearing some piece of clothing made on that day, they are expected to be struck by a thunder in the summer. It is forbidden for the cattle to work as well for they might fall and seriously injure.