Traditions & NameDays

WOLF DAYS - February 2-3

Name day of everyone names Simeon, Simeonka, Simona, Moncho (February 3rd).

The two days after the St. Triphon’s Day, the Wolf Days,  are of a special nature – the traditional belief is that “wolves are raging” in that period and therefore have to be paid homage to. In order to be preserved by the wolves, people (especially women) should follow some strict restrictions – not to spin, or weave, or knit, or open scizzors, so that wolves would not open their mouths. Ritual bread is given away and some of it is also put in the cattle’s food so that they could be preserved from the dangerous beasts as well. The bread-troughs stay closed for 3 days, yards should not be cleaned and litter should not be thrown away.

The next day is known as SEEDS' DAY, also called "Holy Mother Day". On this day if a woman wants to give birth to a child, she stands at a crossroads and hands out "a pinched bread".