Traditions & NameDays

VULTCHI PRAZNITSI / MRATINTSI (Wolf Days) - 14–21 November

In the past the Thracians paid homage to the wolf as a warrior and leader of a military band of fighters - but rather a warrior who has broken the rules and has become the leader-king of outlaws. Something attractive has remained in the concept of his name, something regal, although with a negative association.

“ Wolf, Wolf, Let your name be blessed,….” (folk song)

Wolf’s name is given to people, areas or villages. It has all derived from mythology, from the beliefs our ancestors used to have. The merged motif of the wolf-dragon is clearly displayed in the art of that time. Dragons are represented with wolf heads in decorative art pieces (can be seen on jewelry, woodcarvings and embroidery).

Bulgarians believe that these seven nights and man could catch any sort of diseases. They associate the night with an old and ugly woman writing down all sinners in a book with a touch of her stick, therefore people are not supposed to get out of their houses late at night…