Traditions & NameDays

MARTINIA Feast (St. Martin’s Day) - April 14

Name day of everyone named Martin, Martina.

The “Martinia” is a church feast, celebrated with traditional rituals only in certain parts of the country. In some southwest regions, people perform the ritual of gathering all the combs inside the house, they bind them one to the other, and place them all in a corner of the house. People believe that way the wolves’ mouths are supposed to be tied up, and thus the cattle and the goods in the household are going to be preserved from wolves’ attacks.

All those activities should be performed with eyes closed, which is associated with the belief the wolves would be blinded when passing by the herd. That day, an egg is taken from the nest; people pierce it, take the iside out and place a little amount of milk inside the empty shell, covering the small opening with some soft bread.  All such eggs are then buried in the fireplace, which will preserve the milk from evil forces.

That day the Christian Church celebrates the Day of St. Martin the Confessor, a Pope of Rome, who fought against the Monotheist School. Because of the Council in Rome which gathered to solve that matter, the Emperor Constance (641-668), patronizing the pagans, sent St. Martin on an exile to Herson, where he later died.