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LAZAROVDEN (St. Lazarus’ Day) - no fixed date

Name day for everyone having the name of  Lazar, Lazo, Lazarina, Lara.

Lazarovden (the day before Tsvetnisa-Vrubnitsa, Palm Sunday) - the Lazarovden (Lazarus Day) ceremonies, called "lazarouvane", are among the most popular Bulgarian traditional feasts.

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The Saturday before Easter is a feast dedicated to youth and fertility - young girls, pastures, fields and woods. Lazarovden is an event in the life of every young girl, because then she could demonstrate to her village community the fact of her becoming a grown-up maiden. The girls would gather in groups of about ten at the house of the prettiest one and then start their going around the village singing and dancing their special "Lazar Day" tunes. The songs sung on the Lazar Day praise the beauty of the maiden and her beloved one, the industry of the farmer, the purity of maternal love, and they are associated  with wishes for happiness and prosperity.

The Orthodox church connects that day to the resurrection of Lazarus (brother of Martha and Maria), whom Jesus raised from the dead.  Lazarus, who lived for 30 years more, was an ardent follower of Christian faith and died as a bishop of the town of Ketonia (in Cyprus).