Traditions & NameDays

KRUSTOVDEN - January 5

Name day of everyone named Krustyo, Krustana.

That day (also called “Vodokrust”), according to the traditional beliefs, the “Dirty Days” are chased away. The priest sanctifies and purifies the water by placing a cross inside. Than, bearing a bucket of the sanctified water and a basil bunch in hand, he goes around people’s houses and prinkles them with it. The hostesses throw small coins in the bucket and give wool, flour or beans as gifts to the priest.

The church ritual is connected to the belief that the act of sanctifying the water and sprinkling around with it chase away all kinds of non-pure days or evil powers. Therefore, everyone is supposed to drink from that water so that to chase away the evil hiding inside. That feast day is an inseparable part of the Ney Year complex of festivities and serves as a bridge between the New Year feast and the Yordanovden (Epiphany) feast.